Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders are the most movable, versatile and vulnerable joints in your body. As a result, they are frequently injured and overused.

Don’t shoulder the burden alone.

A Vulnerable Joint

Your shoulders are the most movable joints in your body, but because of this, they’re also highly unstable and susceptible to injury. They bear the brunt of much of your daily activity. Anytime you’re lifting something, using your arms or your hands, your shoulders are playing their part. As a result, they are frequently injured and overused.

More Than Pain

Shoulder injuries and use conditions vary from dislocation and separation to rotator cuff tears, fractures and tendinosis. Degenerative conditions and other diseases in the body may also contribute to shoulder problems, or generate pain that travels along nerves to the shoulder. Whatever kind of shoulder pain and problems your suffering from, INTEGRIS is with you. Whether it’s a mild, dull, annoying ache or persistent, severe, disabling pain, we know that there’s more to pain than discomfort. It can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning and your quality of life.

Soothing News

But not matter where the pain is, how chronic it is or hard it is to manage, INTEGRIS Health is with you. We have locations and physicians all across Oklahoma, providing a the most advanced and effective options for treating shoulder pain – from advanced pain management techniques to surgical treatment options. Our goal is to get your pain under control and work with you to reclaim a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

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