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A Strong Case For Screening

Today’s facts leave a lot to be hopeful about. About 300,000 new cases of breast cancer may be diagnosed this year. But 90 percent of breast cancer cases can be successfully treated if detected early. That’s why at INTEGRIS Health we not only encourage you to get a mammogram each year if you’re over 40, we also bring you the latest, most accurate, life-saving breast imaging technology. That means that we can reduce false positives and find over 40% more invasive cancers at earlier, more treatable stages.

The INTEGRIS Difference

Getting a mammogram is a highly personal experience. At INTEGRIS Health, we understand that. You may feel vulnerable and a little scared, but few clinics offer the level of professional competence and the compassionate touch that make a world of difference in a woman’s health journey. Our experience, expertise, and compassionate team create a comfortable environment for this vital breast exam. From mammograms, to cancer treatment, to reconstructive surgery and support groups, INTEGRIS Health is here for you.

Care During COVID

We, like all Oklahomans, are adapting to a new normal that has come with COVID-19, but we can’t forget the personal responsibility to our own health and that of our families. We also know it’s important not to delay our health care needs. That’s why INTEGRIS Health has implemented additional safety measures in all of our facilities, including screenings, temperature checks, masking, social distancing and intensive cleaning and disinfecting. So you can confidently visit any INTEGRIS Health facility or caregiver for annual screenings, chronic care or acute care.


Schedule Your Mammogram Today

INTEGRIS encourages you to get a mammogram each year if you're over 40.

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Hereditary Cancer Quiz

Let us help you determine whether you should be further evaluated for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome, Lynch syndrome, or other hereditary cancers.

INTEGRIS Health Offers 3D Mammography

3D mammography is a revolutionary new screening and diagnostic tool designed for early breast cancer detection that can be done in conjunction with a traditional 2D digital mammogram.

During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over your breast, taking multiple breast images. Then, a computer produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in one millimeter slices, providing greater visibility for the radiologist to see breast detail in a way never before possible. The additional 3D images make it possible for a radiologist to gain a better understanding of your breast tissue during screening and the confidence to reduce the need for follow-up imaging.

With conventional digital mammography, the radiologist is viewing all the complexities of your breast tissue in one flat image. Sometimes breast tissue can overlap, giving the illusion of normal breast tissue looking like an abnormal area. By looking at the breast tissue in one millimeter slices, the radiologist can provide a more confident assessment. In this way, 3D mammography finds cancers missed with conventional 2D mammography. It also means there is less chance your doctor will call you back later for a “second look,” because now they can see breast tissue more clearly.

3D Mammogram locations

  • INTEGRIS Bass Baptist in Enid
  • INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital
  • INTEGRIS Comprehensive Breast Center
  • INTEGRIS Health Edmond
  • INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
  • INTEGRIS Lakeside Women's Hospital

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Schedule Your Mammogram Today

INTEGRIS encourages you to get a mammogram each year if you're over 40.
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