INTEGRIS Cancer Institute

Message from the President

Caring for individuals dealing with cancer has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve had in my career. Starting my career as a radiation therapist, I had the opportunity to walk people through one of the most terrifying experiences of their life—battling cancer. Our patients and the talented team I worked alongside taught me lessons about life, courage and hope that developed my passion for making this unfortunate experience better for my family, friends and community.

Working with INTEGRIS Health, I have had the opportunity to apply the INTEGRIS Health values of Love, Learn and Lead to provide health care services to my community. We’ve brought together a highly skilled and patient-focused team to fulfill the passion that started my journey into health care.

The INTEGRIS Cancer Institute is a world-class outpatient cancer institute, the first community-based proton therapy cancer campus in the nation. With a variety of leading-edge treatment options, individualized support services and unique programs, the institute is a resource for communities in Oklahoma and across the country.

Your feedback is important to us—cancer is a personal experience and you have a choice in where you receive your care and who holds your hand through it. We want to be that choice for you and your family and are committed to ensure patient-centered care.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or any one of our team members at 405-773-6401.

Phil Lance, FACHE