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Pulmonary Hypertension Done Right

Pulmonary Hypertension includes a family of diseases that all cause increased pressure inside the right side of your heart and lungs. The pumping chamber in the right heart (ventricle) works harder than normal in pulmonary hypertension, leading to ventricle enlargement and weakening. Abnormal function of the right side of the heart is primarily what leads to the signs and symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. 

pulmonary hypertension can be complicated, and its evaluation and treatment demands expert attention. It also requires a dedicated team of pulmonary hypertension nurses and providers to help you travel this road successfully.  At our center, pulmonary hypertension is done the right way. We don’t skip steps. We look under every stone. We are staffed to handle a complex disease. We have all the tools necessary to insure you are treated the right way.

The explosive growth and sustained excellence of our center is founded on putting patients in the middle of their care. Our ‘recipe’ for exceptional care is not complicated.

First- Understand you and study your history. We take the time to get it right.

Second- Educate you on your disease.

Third- Treat with cutting edge therapies and clinical research trials

Fourth- Stick with you for the whole journey

What’s MY pulmonary hypertension?

The most important step in treating pulmonary hypertension is making an accurate diagnosis because all pulmonary hypertension is not the same. What causes the pulmonary hypertension will determine how it’s treated, much like the organism that causes an ‘infection’ (Bacteria? Virus? Fungus?) is treated uniquely. Therefore, a detailed patient history, pulmonary hypertensionysical exam and other heart and lung tests are required to diagnose a patient with the right type of pulmonary hypertension. The differences in types of pulmonary hypertension can be subtle, which is one reason why it is so important to be evaluated at a pulmonary hypertension specialty center. Along with following all recommended diagnostic guidelines, we use the experience of evaluating 1000’s of pulmonary hypertension patients to determine which one of the following categories of pulmonary hypertension you have. 

Remember, the cause of your pulmonary hypertension will determine your treatment. Your type of pulmonary hypertension carries its own individualized treatment plan and prognosis. For more information, see below (‘See More’) to better understand the signs/symptoms, evaluation, and treatment for all types of pulmonary hypertension. 

Learn More About Pulmonary Hypertension

An increase in blood pressure in your pulmonary artery can cause not only alarming symptoms – it can be debilitating and life-threatening. Learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and support services.

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