Emergency & Urgent Care

Knowing which to choose can save you time and money – and ensure that those who truly need life-saving care are able to get it.

Make the right choice.

Urgent or Emergent?

If you feel this is an emergency, call 9-1-1

When you're struck with a sudden illness or injury, it can be hard to know whether you should head to the nearest emergency department or urgent care. Oftentimes the tendency is to assume "you're better safe than sorry" and go to the emergency room. If you have chest pain, major trauma, an apparent stroke or anything life-threatening, you should always call 911 or go straight to the emergency room. But for anything that isn't life-threatening, a nearby urgent care is your best bet.

You might assume an emergency department will have the fastest, most comprehensive care – and you'd be right. But that care is offered to the patients who need it most first. So if you go to the emergency department with a heart attack, you'll be seen immediately. But if you go in with a cut or chest cold, you better be ready to wait a long time – and pay a bigger bill.

The Right Level of Care

Your local INTEGRIS Health Urgent Care is equipped to care for most common ailments – things like infections, bites, stings, minor burns, cuts and even broken bones. You can usually get in to see a doctor or nurse practitioner quickly, and the cost is much, much less than it would be at the emergency department. And with INTEGRIS Health Virtual Visit, you don't even have to leave home to get diagnosis, advice, treatment and even prescriptions if necessary for many common health problems. Doctors and nurse practitioners are standing by 24/7.


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Your Guide to Care During COVID

We are ready to give you and your family the best care. We 've added new safety guidelines for in-person visits and telehealth options.


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