The Connections series is a collection of episodes celebrating the human moments we all share – moments that illustrate what we mean when we say that INTEGRIS Health is here For you. For health. For life.

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Episode 5: "Tough Kid"


The Kretchmar Brothers: Tough Kid

Life is different for kids with cystic fibrosis. Jaxon had his first surgery at 24 hours old. But he also has a big brother that’s always been by his side.

INTEGRIS Health: For you. For health. For life.

It’s our promise and our invitation to you – to connect with you. To listen to you. To heal you and to keep you well. After all, this is the reason each of us chose health care in the first place.


The Best-Kept Secret

For years, INTEGRIS Children’s was considered one of OKC’s best-kept secrets. But there’s no reason to keep the secret any more.
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