Adult Mental Health

When coping with anxiety, depression, a family crisis or addiction can prove too much to handle on your own, the mental health experts at INTEGRIS Health is here to help.

Mental Health & Psychiatry

Life is challenging, but we can help.

We All Want to Live Well

We all want to live well, but odds are, through the years we will find ourselves struggling with issues too large to handle on our own. Seeking care for emotional or behavioral problems is difficult for most people. Yet tens of millions of Americans experience emotional or mental disorders - disorders caused by complex biological, hormonal, genetic, chemical and psychosocial factors. Stress, anxiety, addiction, divorce, grief, illness, family problems … some days it can seem as if we will never “live well” again. But there is hope, because when these days come, you can count on INTEGRIS Health for the expertise and compassion you need to get you started on your road to recovery OR to get you started on your road to healing.

Get Your Life Back

Knowing how to cope with life's challenges doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes the depression is too deep, the anxiety too strong, the grief too overwhelming to handle on your own, or you’ve lost control to drugs and alcohol. The mental health and addiction recovery professionals at INTEGRIS Health can help you understand your symptoms, explore the causes of your disorder, learn techniques for reducing stress and managing your responses to your illness to help you begin the process of healing. Our multi-disciplinary team of board-certified psychiatrists, and licensed counselors, social workers, therapists and nurses provides comprehensive care to address your unique needs. Whether you need intensive inpatient care, or treatment on an outpatient basis, INTEGRIS Health can help you get yet your life back.

Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery

Arcadia Trails is Oklahoma’s newest and most advanced residential drug and alcohol treatment center, where addiction will be holistically addressed along with its co-occurring and compounding issues – mental illness and trauma.

Decisions Can Help

INTEGRIS Decisions Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Program, integrated treatment program, can help you get your life back on track with intensive therapy that fits your lifestyle, your needs. Our program is results oriented – short term, intensive and effective. We focus on helping you learn new coping strategies through group and individual therapies, educational sessions, and psychiatric evaluation and medication, when needed. You can choose from one of three options to fit your needs and lifestyle: partial hospitalization, daytime intensive outpatient or evening intensive outpatient.

Tell Your Physician If …

  • you have trouble functioning
  • you can’t think straight or make decisions
  • you’ve gained or lost weight as a result of your situation
  • you have trouble sleeping or you sleep too much
  • you’re using drugs and/or alcohol to cope
  • you’re angry or sad most of the time
  • you’ve limited where you go or what you do
  • you experience sudden mental or behavioral changes
  • you don’t enjoy life

Patients at Particular Risk Include Those Who Have …

  • experienced significant trauma (accidents, violence)
  • been diagnosed with a chronic illness or have chronic pain
  • had a recent significant health challenge (heart surgery, cancer)
  • experienced major life changes (death, divorce, family or financial difficulties)
  • symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, insomnia, aches or pains
  • headaches, muscle tension, lethargy/fatigue with no readily identifiable underlying medical condition

Left untreated, these conditions not only affect the patient’s quality of life, but also can significantly impact a patient’s physical health.

Understanding Adult Mental Health

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